***Mobile & After-hour Services Available~ Inquire at time of booking!

*Body Tune Up Options*

BTU-traditional (Deep Assisted Stretching)
 ~ $95/60min, $135/90min, $175/120min

BTU-relax (Light-Medium Assisted Stretching) 
~ $85/60min, $125/90min, $165/120min

Des Moines Only-Below

- Personal Fitness Coaching 
 *Studio* ~ $60/30min, $85/60min (Add $20 to have a workout buddy join in)
 *Online* ~ $45/30min

Sleep Science Seminars *NEW*
*Online Group Class* ~ $100/person 
*Live Group Class* ~ $225/person

- Sleep Science Coaching *NEW*
*Online* ~ Coming Soon
* Studio* ~ Coming Soon

Body Tune Ups

What is a body tune up...

Its our signature premier service that is exclusive to Body Tune Ups!

Body Tune Ups were created out of necessity based on the needs of those who participate in various Cross Fitness Style Training & Athletic Programs!

If you have ever enjoyed deep tissue or sports massage but have have been left feeling merely "beat up" or could have used some deep assisted stretching for increasing flexibility and faster recovery then you are beginning to have an idea of what Body Tune Ups are all about it.

Our Body Tune Up Specialists have a combination of experience and professional training in a variety of the aforementioned health and wellness modalities which is the sole reason why this form of body therapy is available.

​Body Tune Ups is an innovation of body recovery that surpasses that of massage treatments and thus in itself is not to be considered Massage Therapy....this unique deep assisted stretching therapy is well beyond what massage can offer!

The best way to understand the magnitude of this amazing form of body therapy is to experience it and why we are offering $15 OFF on all "first time" Body Tune Up sessions. 

Ask for James in DSM and Dex in LA...sometimes both will be available during tours which will be posted on our home page!

New BTU-relax option!!!

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